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  • Price From Mid $800's
  • Developer Cortel Group
  • Price / Foot $845
  • Maint. Fees $0.50
  • Occupancy September 2022
  • Parking $65, 000
  • Property Tax Est. 1%
  • Storage Locker Waitlist

All cities, like all people, are sculpted by defining moments – CG Tower is one of those moments. From the very beginning Expo City, Cortel Group’s master-planned community, has led the transformation of Vaughan. This tradition of leadership has been taken to a new level with the fifth and final residential tower – CG Tower.

A stunning new addition to Vaughan’s skyline. There is no disputing the fact that cities are known by the towers that line their skies and so, in line with this lofty aim, CG Tower has been designed to be the signature structure that sets Vaughan apart from all other cities.

A bold vision

Located on Highway 7, east of Jane Street and just steps from the TTC subway station, CG Tower is the physical expression of the values and spirit of Cortel Group. The tower itself is marked by a distinct podium which stands as a glowing gem nestled beside Edgeley Pond and Park. Architecturally, the entire structure is a statement in beauty and power of design. The all brick-clad finish brings the warmth of a family home to the comforts and enriched lifestyle of high-rise living. As an active urban landmark, this iconic silhouette will stand tall with its unrivaled façade completing Expo City and making it one of the most dynamic communities in North America.


With the help of world-renowned design firm Quadrangle, the doors of CG Tower open to a world that is in perfect harmony with its architecturally stunning exteriors. Inspired by the nature in which it is embedded, the interiors are highlighted by wood design elements and optimized daylight accents that bring the tower’s warmth and energy to life.

All Suites will have approximately 9′ ceiling except for Laundry, Bathroom and bulkheads.  Each unit will have a personal climate control for their own heating and air conditioning needs.  Suites will come equipped with either Laminate or Engineered Hardwood flooring.  Units will come with smooth ceilings in all areas.  There will be sliding/swing glass doors to terraces and balconies as per plans.


When Expo City first launched, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was but a brilliant concept set to shape the future of Vaughan.

Today, this master-planned urban core which spreads across 442 acres of land, is taking its incredible shape. Designed to literally create an entire city within the City, the VMC upon completion will feature 1.5 million square feet of office space and 750,000 square feet of retail space!

CG Tower is set to become the centerpiece of this revolutionary development which has become the standard against which all urban projects are measured.

Living at CG Tower is about the power of access and what this means to your everyday life. From where you work, to who you visit, to where you shop and where you dine, transit no longer limits the choices that define what you do and who you are.

We’re incredibly excited about GC Tower Condos at ATeam Condos. Vaughan neighbourhood continues to change for the better and has even more developments slated for construction. We believe the time is now to make the change and get a piece of a neighbourhood that is soon to become one of Toronto’s most coveted.

If you’d like to learn more about GC Towers, give ATeam Condos a call today at (416) 826-4821, or use our registration form to get info on pricing and availability.

Built By: Cortel Group

Cortel Group is about more than just building homes. We are a collective of businesses that work together to help build communities in a comprehensive and complete way.

From developing infrastructure to supporting nonprofit initiatives, we are devoted to being a part of the greater community in as many ways as we can.  For a number of years, we have been dedicated to helping build a better future by giving back to local charities and organizations that make it their goal to improve lives in our communities — from the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA.

Our logo is a seed, not only because we aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible, but to represent the passion that each company under the Cortel Group umbrella has when it comes to growing and nurturing the communities we are involved in. We thrive on being able to watch communities adapt to and accommodate modern innovation, and we are proud to have such an important role in building lifestyle, culture, innovation, and technology from the ground up.


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