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Buying property is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Once you have taken the decision to invest, you will face a number of challenges. How to find the right location, how to find a suitable property within a given budget and how to find make sure the right decision is being made. 

At ATeam Condos, we are dedicated to helping you navigate all of those challenges and more. For over a decade, ATeam Condos has helped countless families, individuals, and investors find the property that is perfect for them. We are a husband-and-wife team who decided to pool our experience and resources into a boutique real estate company.

Our mission is to provide a higher level of service than that found in large, franchise operations. We know what it’s like to try to find the perfect home or investment and we know it’s not easy. However, with over a decade in the real estate business, we also know how to do it as well as anybody.

Rossana Olivares

Sales Representative

My passion is service. For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively in real estate—helping families and investors throughout Toronto and beyond to find the perfect property. My career has always pushed me towards client service, whether that was working in hotel administration, travel and tourism, or in the property business. Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing I make my clients happy. It’s my alarm clock in the morning; it’s my resolve to keep working in the evening. It’s what I do best.

As a new Canadian from Peru, I understand very well the difficulties that can face first-time buyers and newcomers. In my early years in Canada, I rented bachelors and apartments before finally purchasing my very first condo. Saving money and searching for the perfect place—all while working long hours is tough—there’s not much in life that’s tougher. I’ve lived mostly in Toronto, including the Yorkville and Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhoods, and have worked throughout Toronto and the GTA. In that time, I have developed a deep knowledge of the city, its quirks, its good sides, its sometimes not-so-good sides, and have fostered strong bonds and relationships with clients and their families.

In my spare time I like to run and practice Yoga—they keep me fit and give me focus. I’m also a wife and mother and have two wonderful children, Javier and Gabriel.

Rosanna Olivares, Pre-Construction Real Estate Agent
Jeff Weisman, Real Estate Agent

Jeff Weisman

Sales Representative

I was very fortunate to learn at an early age, how much I loved Toronto real estate.

Since the late 1980’s, I have been involved in many facets of this market. As a homeowner, I learned the value of ownership and the commitment it brings. As an investor, I learned that there are always opportunities, provided that you make smart choices. As a landlord, I learned that trusting relationships are the ideal to strive towards. As a renovator, I learned that houses can sometimes be changed, even in the littlest way, to create a home.

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