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So, you have decided to explore the world of pre-construction in the Greater Toronto Area. We have compiled a few articles that will help you learn more about this unique way to buy real estate and build wealth.  Investing in pre-construction in the GTA may be the very best real estate decision you will make.  We wanted to provide a place where you can find answers to your most pressing questions.  As an investor, we want you to be knowledgeable so that you will make sound buying decisions.  The articles below will help you learn everything that you need to know about this wonderful investment opportunity.

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1)  Steps To Buying? How to Invest in Preconstruction Condos

The process of buying  pre-construction homes is a little more complicated than a traditional real estate transaction.   Have no fear, we are here to simplify everything for you so that there are no surprises.   This article will lay out the journey of events that take you from curiosity to home ownership. You will learn what it takes to choose and navigate an investment transaction  that will create wealth for you in this exploding market.

2)  How Deposit Structures Work

Deposit structures are one of the best parts of investing in pre-construction condos. They offer an affordable and flexible approach to investing in real estate. Understanding how deposit structures work and their purchasing power will give you the confidence to make better investment decisions.

3)  How to Assess the Floor Plan of a Pre-Construction Condo

We use a tool called the Floor Plan to understand the spatial arrangement of a home.  While it may look confusing at first glance, it is a logical display and is loaded with a ton of information.  With a little understanding, this article will help you gain an understanding of floor plans and how to read them like a professional.  Choosing a space that works best for you  or your intended tenants, is a very important aspect of your purchase.  This article is an overview of what to expect and look for in a future home.

4)  Pre-Construction homes are a good investment

When considering an investment in real estate, there are many factors that make pre-construction homes a very attractive option. Pre-construction investments in the GTA often provide a very solid return.  As a passive investment, requiring you to do almost nothing for a few years, you will watch as the value of your purchase increases with the robust Ontario economy.   Once you factor in; location, amenities, limited financial exposure, excellent leverage, tax benefits and return on investment, you will see that this type of investment is simply an instrument to create equity and wealth.

5)  Why Should You Buy With A Pre-Construction Expert?

When you work with a pre-construction expert, you give yourself the best advantage to making a sound and profitable investment.  “Pre-Con“ agents are experts in the area of Pre-Construction Homes and Condos. This market is unique and fast moving, a place where early access can save you thousands of dollars. You want to buy through a Pre-Con Agent because we have the knowledge-base to track the best developers, upcoming releases, price trends, incentive packages and more.  The best benefit of using a pre-construction agent is that it does not cost you a thing.  Read this article to be convinced that it is important to use the expertise of a pre-construction agent to help you purchase your future home.

6)  Investing in the GTA:  A Resource for Foreign Investors

Investing in the real estate market is a big decision for anybody.  We have put together a resource for those who wish to make their investment in real estate from abroad.  Non-Resident investment has become a vital part of the real estate market in Ontario.  There are things that you should know about before you jump into this type of venture.  Having knowledge and understanding will help you make a strong and wise decision.

We have outlined the major considerations that a foreign investor should address on their way to making an impactful and profitable investment.  We highlight the tax and legal ramifications that all foreign investors need to know when dealing with purchases in the GTA.  It is estimated that 10% of all pre-construction condo purchases come from foreign investors, proving that this is a viable and accessible investment that is safe and secure.

7)  Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Our best client is an educated client.  Our aim is to empower you with all the relevant information needed to make good investment decisions.  We want you to be confident and comfortable assessing the many different projects you may face and having all your questions and concerns answered is important to being a good investor.  We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions in pre-construction investing for you to read.  For many, this will be the first and largest investment of your life, be ready.  Our FAQ will go a long way to answering all the questions that you may have.  We are here to help you have an excellent pre-construction experience, one without surprises by answering all your questions.


We really feel that the Greater Toronto Area is an economic dynamo with many many years of future growth and possibilities.  ATeam Condos is positioned well to help you with our market experience and knowledge.  These articles were written to help all of you, those who would like to invest but do not know where to start.  There is enough information presented here to make you a savvy investor, building your future with smart moves.  If you still have questions or would like our opinion about projects, drop us a line.  We would be happy to help you.

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