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Pre-Construction Homes in Etobicoke

Etobicoke is a district in Southern Ontario that is part of Toronto. The population of Etobicoke is more than 365,000, and most of these people come from all around the globe. This makes the district rich in diverse cultures. Etobicoke also has various companies and businesses that attract people seeking jobs.

The demand for pre-construction condos in Etobicoke is increasing due to the increase in the population. With more people moving to the city looking for jobs, the need for accommodation is also increasing. Condominium towers are taking over the architecture of the district. Many people are moving into condo units for rent or purchase.

About The City of Etobicoke

Etobicoke is locatedin South Western Ontario. It is one of the six municipalities that make up the City of Toronto. Etobicoke is a neighbour of Mississauga and is known for its nature and lush vegetation. It boasts numerous parks and green spaces ideal for running, biking, and having a picnic.

The economy of Etobicoke is characterized as being heavily industrialized. It is also a central business district and attracts companies that set up headquarters in the area. Some of these companies include Sunwing Airlines and Pizza Pizza. Etobicoke is best described by its scenic streets, shopping malls, and housing developments.

The population of Etobicoke is about 365,000, and it is composed of people from many different cultures. Many people from all over the world choose to settle and work in Etobicoke, making it a district rich in diverse cuisines, languages, art, and culture. This type of population is ideal for Etobicoke real estate investing. Buying a condo and renting it out to people working in Etobicoke’s many businesses can be an excellent source of income.

The education sector of Etobicoke offers numerous primary and secondary schools to the public. There are two post-secondary institutions, including Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber. Etobicoke’s schools have a rich history dating back decades. The number of families in this district looking to further their education find Etobicoke a suitable location for studying.

Etobicoke’s sports scene is another highlight of the district. There are many prominent sports leagues from Etobicoke for football, soccer, baseball, and hockey. These leagues are popular sources of entertainment for locals. Etobicoke also offers great venues for sports practices and engaging in outdoor activities such as running, hiking, track, and other sports.

The construction industry is booming, especially with new construction homes in Etobicoke. As a result, the demand for condominium units in this area makes it ideal for real estate investors. Investing in Etobicoke condos can be a profitable venture. In addition, the increasing population of Etobicoke has many that are looking to rent and buy pre-construction condos.

What are the advantages of buying a pre-construction home?

Pre-construction homes are gaining popularity in the real estate field. These are condo units that have not yet been built. An investor gets to choose the floor plan and amenities for their condo unit. Therefore, it is essential to communicate regularly with the builder to get better designs, warranties, and discounts.

Man Etobicoke pre-construction townhomes have the advantage of being fresh and new. The amenities feature the latest trends and technology.  Many will find that this is better than buying a resale home that is bound to be a few years old. In addition, the newest houses have innovative technology that makes living much easier and more fulfilling.

Additionally, new-build condos in Etobicoke are quite affordable. The initial deposit structure for these condos is 20% of the total price of the unit. This can be paid in installments over the course of a few months. Installment payments can always be arranged with developers to make payment easier and more flexible.

Do I need to hire a real estate agent?

If you are a new home buyer, you will definitely need a real estate agent. To most people, hiring an agent might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, agents offer some essential services to investors. Real estate agents usually have relationships and deals with developers. This means they get exclusive access to floor plans and condo units before they are available to the general public.

Agents also offer their expertise and knowledge in decision-making. They know the industry inside out, and they can help you get the best floor plans, discounts, extended warranties, and many other great services. Their job is to make buying a pre-construction condo a lot easier. You will find that agents get you great deals that you would have never scored on your own.

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This is a good question for both Investors and End Users.

First, let’s talk about Lockers. Due to the space constraints of modern condos, a locker can be an excellent storage solution. Our experience tells us that in most cases, a storage locker is a benefit and will add to the value of your investment. With the prices of a locker being reasonable, we believe that purchasing a locker is money well spent.

Parking is another matter. Today we are seeing prices for a single parking space exceeding $100,000 in many projects. You must make a more serious decision when it comes to purchasing Parking. If your condo purchase is for yourself and a car is very important to your lifestyle, then a purchase is a good decision. If you are an investor, looking to rent out a 1 bedroom property in an area with an excellent walk score, maybe this is not an expense needed. In the long term, we see that a parking investment will trend to higher prices eventually and may help with the resale value of your condo.

In pre-construction, Interim Occupancy occurs when your unit is ready and the building is able to be moved into. While the property is considered liveable, you cannot be granted Title until the property is registered. You can live in your unit but not legally be the owner yet. Instead of paying your mortgage, condos fees and property taxes, you will pay the builder an Interim Occupancy Fee. Once the building is registered, the next step is the final closing, where you will be required to pay final few such as land taxes, title insurance and any remaining down payments.

Invest in Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

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