Advantages of Buying With A Pre-Construction Expert

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Pre-Construction agents are experts in the area of Pre-Construction Condos. When you work with a pre-construction expert, you give yourself the best advantage to making a sound and profitable investment.

The preconstruction home market is unique and fast-moving, a place where early access can save you thousands of dollars. You want to buy through a Pre-Construction Agent because we have the knowledge base to track the best developers, upcoming releases, price trends and incentive packages and other factors that can help you make the best investment.

We provide you with purchasing opportunities before the other agents have the opportunity to know about the projects and before the general public can have access to the projects.

Simply put, if you are thinking of investing in the pre-construction market, using a Pre-Con agent will get you access to the best suites, lowest prices, and earliest access.  This is essential if you are looking at maximizing profits and minimizing your expenses.

Pre-ConstructionReal Estate Agents have cultivated relationships with many builders and developers.  They understand where your investment dollars can be spent best.  Pre-Con Agents have a proven track record with developers and have sold a large volume of units. ATeam Condos can present you with opportunities to purchase at discounted prices and favourable incentives which you may never have known about before.

Why is first access so important?  If you have ever walked into a condo sales center, you may have found it disappointing.  In many cases, much of the building sold out, the best floor plans have been taken, and prices are much higher than you expected.  When a project “launches” to the public and you go to the sales center looking to get a great deal on a new condo, you may be arriving for the 3rd or 4th round of pricing and inventory availability.

First access to new construction homes is the essential factor in determining your price.  A pre-con agent can get you there, and you won’t get a better price anywhere, including directly from the builder.

Getting early access is essential in helping you to make the best investment.  A broker that can provide you with early access is known as a platinum broker.  A platinum broker can help you through the purchase of a pre-construction home or condo. Our knowledge of this niche area of real estate investment and our access to the very tightly controlled inventory provides you with a competitive advantage.  We help to give you every opportunity to make the best purchase if you are able.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about using a Pre-Con Agent is the price. Our Knowledge, Experience, and Early Access does not cost you anything.

Working with a Pre-Con Agent like ATeam Condos is a free benefit to you.  We give you early access to the projects,and we help you navigate the contracts and provide you with insider access to the pre-construction purchasing process.  Our experience and market knowledge will help to save you thousands of dollars and protect your interests in these real estate purchases.

You do not pay for our services.  Instead, the developer rewards us for bringing qualified purchasers to their project.  Depending on your budget and needs, we can direct you to many different pre-construction projects.  We are a great sounding board, and we are here to help.  It is a Win-Win scenario for anybody who wants to purchase a pre-construction condo.

ATeam Condos can get you the pre-construction condo you want at the best price.  Contact us today to learn more.

Get floor plans, pricing, special promotions and access to new presale condo developments first.

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